Sonaris Perforated Finishes

  • Orewa Medical Centre - Sonaris #PP100, white on white
  • National Archive Library - Sonaris # S4-25, grey on grey
  • Steel & Tube - Sonaris # S4-25, white on white, suspended
  • Devonport Library - Sonaris #P55-100, white/white
  • Ormiston Junior College - Sonaris #S7-75, wood-look on black
  • Ormiston Junior College - Sonaris #RSlot, white on grey
Sonaris Perforated Finishes
Sonaris™ a propriety and patented perforated glass mat laminate finish for ceiling panels. Sonaris™ is designed to provide a decorative acoustically transparent laminate finish to a broad range of ceiling materials such as polyester, mineral fibre, glass fibre board, rockwool, and plasterboard. Panels can be provided at NRC 0.1 to 1.00 and CAC from 15 to 45dB. Sonaris™ has a dual layer structure where colours and perforations can be layered to create texture and design effects. Manufactured in New Zealand, Sonaris™ is available in a range of perforation patterns and custom designs are easily realised.
Sonaris™ is ideal for use as a decorative finish to acoustic ceiling panels in corporate offices, boardrooms, lobbies, retail and hospitality areas, education facilities and governmental buildings.
Made in NZ from a proprietary & patented Sonatex™ glass mat composite board perforated in a range of designs and laminated onto a variety of acoustic base material.

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Provides an attractive perforated aesthetic to various acoustical base board ceiling panels.
Available in a range of perforated designs
Standard white on white finish plays on the subtle shifts in light and shadow to provide a unique aesthetic.
Contrasting grey and black background enhances the perforated look.
Standard 600 x 600 or 1200 x 600 mm lay in ceiling panel format suits most projects and is fast to install
Pre-finished, light weight, dimensionally stable.
Lower installation costs compared to perf MDF / Ply panels
Acoustically transparent, can be tuned to provide high sound absorption up to NRC 1.00 and STC to 29dB
Custom sizes and perforation designs to order
Standard white on white finish plays on the subtle shifts in light and shadow to provide a unique aesthetic.
Custom RAL colours available to order
Each panel has 8 x proprietary panel location tabs to align the perforations for a consistent aesthetic
Non combustible glass fibre composition
Cut outs for M/E services available to order
Free design tool - design your own panel


Sonaris Perforation Patterns
Sonatex Colour Range


Sonaris Datasheet
Sonaris Perforation Patterns
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