Triton Baffle Beam

  • Media Works reception area showing white linear Baffle beams installed in exposed conduit ceiling plan
    Media Works, CHCH - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Devonport Library - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Hobsonville Point intermediate entrance Atrium showing white continiuos Baffle Beams direct fixed to ceiling
    Hobsonville Secondary School Atrium - Triton Baffle Beam
  • St Heliers Bistro showing black Baffle Beams installed to a black ceiling
    St Heliers Bay Cafe & Bistro - Triton Baffle Beam
  • Baffle Beams wrapped in Tasman Oak wood print Sonatex installed in a coffer over a kitchen area
    Triton Baffle Beam wrapped in Tasman Oak Wood-Print Sonatex
  • Devonport Library showing white baffle beams installed onto an undulating ceiling feature
    Devonport Library - Triton Baffle Beams
  • Marshland Medical Centre showing white direct fixed Baffle Panels
    Marshland Medical Centre, CHCH - Triton Baffle Panel
Triton Baffle Beam
Triton Baffle Beam™ is a linear beam or panel manufactured from high sound absorbing glass fibre core wrapped in Sonatex™, 2 ply glass mat composite facing. Designed to control reverberation and provide an attractive linear or hanging aesthetic.
Triton Baffle Beam™ is ideally suited for open plan offices, corridors, showrooms, galleries, halls, reception areas and atriums.
Made from proprietary Sonatex™ die cut and folded over 48 or 80kg/m³ bio-soluble, 85% recycled content, glass fibre core.


Long beam design with folded Sonatex finish provides a clean linear look to interiors.
Beams: 40, 50, 75 mm thick, linear or custom sizes and finishes.
Available mat white, black, grey, wood-grain, standard colours, digital print and fabric finishes.
Triton Baffle Beams are affixed to the ceiling by a tissue wrapped C Channel.
High sound absorption rating for control of reverberation.
Light weight, non combustible, dimensionally stable.
Triton Baffle Beams are affixed to the ceiling by a tissue wrapped C Channel.

Technical Drawings

Baffle Panel - Hanging Options


Sonatex Colour Range
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