Triton Fabwall

  • BECA Tauranga office feature Fabwall wall showing Aztec design panel configureration
  • The Base Food Court - Triton Fabwall 3D
  • Hobsonville Point Intermediate Music Room showing direct fixed rectangular Fabwall panels wrapped in grey and green fabrics
  • Auckland Art Gallery oversized Fabwall panels in light grey fabric
  • Devonport Library showing fabwall panels installed direct fixed to the walls
  • ASB Meeting Rooms -  Triton Fabwall 3D
Triton Fabwall

Triton Fabwall™ is a pre-fabricated fabric covered acoustic wall panel with steel reinforced edges and a Sonatex™ composite impact layer. Designed for a plush high-end aesthetic. Available in a wide range of decorative fabric finishes.

Triton Fabwall 3D™ system is comprised of customised pre-fabricated fabric covered acoustic wall panels of varying thicknesses from 25, 40, 50, 75 to 100 mm with resin reinforced edges and a Sonatex™ composite impact layer.

Triton Fabwall 25™ (NRC 0.85) for small rooms. Triton Fabwall 50™ (NRC 1.00) is best for office, schools, halls & libraries. Triton Fabwall™ 75, 100 & 150 are best for maximum sound absorption from low to high frequency, large volume spaces and studios. Triton Fabwall 100 Bass is designed for low frequency absorption for music studios and acoustic control rooms.
Manufactured in New Zealand from bio-soluble resin glass fibre absorber with impact resistant Sonatex™ 250 kg/m³ composite facer panel, resin edge reinforcement and wrapped with a decorative fabric finish.


High sound absorption, NRC 0.85 to NRC 1.05 for effective reduction in background noise and reverberation.
Width to 1200 mm, length to 2400 mm.
Resin reinforced edges.
GreenTag certified / Level A (Sonatex, Frameless), Level C (certified fabric ranges only).
25 mm, 40 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm thickness options.
Sonatex™ composite interlayer provides impact resistance and a firm smooth feel under the fabric lining.
Smooth wrinkle free surface.

Technical Drawings


Woven Image - Airport Shade Card
Woven Image - Soda Shade Card
Vivid Textiles - Feel Shade Card
Laine Fabrics - Suzette Shade Card
Textilla - Fiesta Shade Card
Textilla - Orion Shade Card
Textilla - Quantum Shade Card
Textilla - Bungee/Mac Shade Card
Rim Fabrics - Trilogy Shade Card
Rim Fabrics - Evolve Shade Card


Triton Fabwall™ Datasheet
Triton Fabwall™ Bass Datasheet
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