Polyfon 40

  • ASB C-Drive Data Centre - Polyfon 40 + coloured Sonatex Facings
  • ASB C-Drive Data Centre - Polyfon 50 + coloured Sonatex Facings
  • ASB C-Drive Data Centre - Polyfon 50 + coloured Sonatex Facings
Polyfon 40
Polyfon 40™ is a made in NZ, high sound absorbing polyester ceiling panel designed to control unwanted noise in interior spaces. Polyfon is available in a range of decorative acoustic laminate finishes from plain white, greys, black, colours and prints.
Polyfon 40™ is an ideal sound absorber panel, glue fixed to solid linings or in a suspended frame. Ideal for call centres, open plan offices, halls, classrooms, libraries etc.
Manufactured from polyester fibre board laminated with fire resistant glass mat acoustic facing. Suspension grid from coated steel or aluminium.


Laminate finish ensures a uniform aesthetic. Available finishes from plain white, greys, black, colours, prints and colour transition facings.
Exceeds Greenguard emission requirements for ceiling systems. Tested per ASTM-D5116, low formaldehyde, low aldehydes and low TVOC. reduce construction waste. reduce construction waste.
Can be recycled and renewed to extend product life and reduce construction waste.
Sag tested to 95% relative humidity at 30 C Light weight, suitable for use in seismic sensitive areas.
Polyester core is avaiable in white, grey & black..
Very high sound absorption rating to control reverberation, NRC 1.00, ISO 11654 class A, αW 1.0.
Resilient and flexible composite construction means panels will not snap under pressure which reduces wastage and maintenance costs over the life of the ceiling.

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