Triton Cloud™

  • Cawley St - Triton Cloud 50 panels
  • Otahuhu Recreational Precinct - Library interlocking Cloud panels
  • Jade Offices - Triton Cloud Sound Shapes
  • Warehouse HQ over sized fabric covered suspended cloud panels
  • Torpedo Bay Navy Museum mixture of direct fixed, hanging and digital printed cloud panels
  • suspended rectangular fabric cloud panels in the Twisted Hop Bar
  • Les Mills Britomart - Triton Cloud Sound Shapes
  • ASB Bank - Triton Cloud Sound Shapes
  • ASB Henderson - Triton Cloud Sound Shapes
Triton Cloud™
Triton Cloud™ panels are made with a proprietary edge wrapped glass fibre, high sound absorbing acoustic panel faced with either a Sonatex™ glass mat composite acoustic facing, woven glass fabric or wrapped in fabric.
Triton Cloud™ panel is designed as a free floating or direct fixed acoustic ceiling panel. Ideal for call centres, offices, corridors, schools, halls, gymnasiums, cafes.
Manufactured from bio-soluble glass fibre core, concealed metal reinforced edges or frameless, wrapped in 2 ply Sonatex™ glass mat composite finish, woven glass fabric or fabric wrapped.


Glass fibre core provides very high sound absorption, NRC 1.00, ISO 11654 class A, αW 1.0.
High light reflectance in standard white Sonatex or white glass woven fabric.
Width 1200 mm max, length to 3000 mm subject to type.
Dimensionally stable in high humidity (special version available for swimming pool applications).
Low embodied energy, 85% recycled content.
GreenTag certified Level A
Clean frameless look with wrapped edges eliminates unsightly edge framing common with other panels.
Available in standard 40,50,75,100 mm thicknesses and custom sizes.
Concealed reinforced edges or frameless options.
Standard Sonatex colour range and a large selection of fabrics available.

Technical Drawings

Triton Cloud FL - Ceiling Rafter
Triton Cloud FL - Suspended with Helical Screw
Triton Cloud FL - Suspended / Resin Reneforced
Triton Cloud SR - Standard Detail
Triton Cloud SR - Ceiling Rafter
Triton Cloud SR - Concrete Double Tee


Sonatex Colour Range
Laine Fabrics - Suzette Shade Card
Woven Image - Airport Shade Card
Woven Image - Soda Shade Card
Vivid Textiles - Feel Shade Card
Rim Fabrics - Trilogy Shade Card
Rim Fabrics - Evolve Shade Card
Textilla Fabrics - Quantum Shade Card
Textilla Fabrics - Fiesta Shade Card
Textilla Fabrics - Orion Shade Card
Textilla Fabrics - Bungee/Mac Shade Card


Triton Cloud™ Datasheet
Triton Cloud™ panel Installation Guide
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