Avant 15

  • Hobsonville Point Intermediate music room showing  a detail section of the Avant 25 theatre Black ceiling installed into a grid & tile system.
    Hobsonville Secondary School Music Room - Avant 15 Black
  • Centre Port Sheds - Avant 15 white
  • Centre Port Sheds - Avant 15 white
Avant 15
Avant 15™ is an economical, high sound absorbing 15mm ceiling panel with a acoustic glass mat tissue facing in white or mat black finish.
Avant 15™ is ideal for use in theatres, offices, retail and other applications that require good control of background noise levels and reverberation times.
Manufactured in New Zealand from bio-soluble resin bonded glass fibre board finished with white or mat black glass tissue facer.


Economical white or mat black acoustic ceiling tile.
1200 x 600 and 600 x 600 mm tile sizes.
15 mm light weight thickness
High sound absorption, NRC 0.85.
Short lead times.

Technical Drawings

Triton Avant -Direct Fix
Triton Avant - Enclosed Coffer Ceiling
Triton Avant - 30mm Services Cavity
Triton Avant -Concrete Double tees
Triton Avant -Double Tees, Furring Channel
Triton Avant - Recessed downlight
Triton Avant - Flush Ceiling Join
Triton Avant - Raking Ceiling, Long Section
Triton Avant - Hip Roof Junction
Triton Avant - Apex Ceiling
Triton Avant - Raking Ceiling
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