Jade Offices

  • Jade Offices - Triton Sound Shapes, Hexagons
  • Jade Offices - Triton Sound Shapes, Hexagons
Case Studies
Jade Offices

The Triton Cloud - Sound Shapes™ range was developed as a response in the market for free-formed suspended or direct fixed acoustic panels that work in unconventional spaces.

These panels would need to fit organically into these spaces rather than the regimented look that standard cloud panels offered.

Triton Cloud - Sound Shapes™ are high sound absorbing glass fibre shaped ceiling clouds designed to work together in formations and clusters to control unwanted noise & reverberation.

The panels can be direct fixed to the lining, suspended individually or in clusters on a frame as in the case of the Jade offices in Auckland’s CBD.

Stack Interiors designed a total of 60 Hexagon Cloud Sound Shapes panels (40x670x670mm) wrapped in white Sonatex, set out in organic groupings and attached to a frame made up of black powder coated grid which was then suspended under a black ceiling to give the impression of free floating shapes that meander through the offices to dramatic effect

Architect: Stack Interiors

Manufactured & installed by: Asona Limited

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