Steel & Tube Offices, Wellington

  • Steel & Tube - Triton Duo 60 + Sonaris S7
  • Steel & Tube - Triton Duo 60 + Sonatex S7
Case Studies
Steel & Tube Offices, Wellington

The Architects, Workspace Vision selected Asona’s Triton Duo 60 with Sonatex S7 (white on grey) facing to go into a
suspended grid system with perimeter lighting to hang above Steel & Tube’s reception area in their Wellington offices. Triton
Duo 60™ is a made in NZ 60 mm thick ISO class A composite acoustical ceiling panel designed to provide very high sound
absorption to control reverberation time with high mass to attenuate transmitted rain noise from metal roofs. Sonatex™ is
designed to provide a decorative acoustically transparent laminate finish to a broad range of ceiling materials such as polyester,
mineral fibre, glass fibre board, rockwool, and plasterboard. Panels can be provided at NRC 0.1 to 1.00 and CAC from 15 to
45dB. With a dual layer structure, perforations and colours can be added for effect but white on white remains the most popular option as it
gives a subtle textural finish to white ceilings.

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